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We produce projects and work with all our strength for our children, who are the future of our country, so that they can take their dreams one step further and achieve their goals with equal opportunities in education.

A Smile is Enough

As Turkey's Hepsiburada, we believe that every child has the right to access quality books, stationery and toys, regardless of their circumstances. We believe in the value of taking steps with responsible brand awareness to deliver this right to children.

To this end, on April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day, we launched the "A Smile is Enough" project, inspired by the smiles of children. We continued the project periodically and brought thousands of quality books, stationery and toys to children studying in village schools across Turkey.

During the back-to-school period, we included our customers in this act of kindness, created sets of stationery materials that children need the most, and called on our customers to "support you too" with a special page. With the support page we created as Hepsiburada and the contribution of our customers, we reached 100 thousand liras of support.

After the earthquake disaster in our country on February 6, 2023, we went to the earthquake zones in Hatay and Gaziantep within the scope of the "A Smile is Enough" project and organized various workshops and activities for the children in the region.

We gave toys and books to all the children we reached, and we worked to heal the wounds together by observing that these gifts, which strengthen creativity, have a healing power on children.

Considering the happiness on the face of a smiling child as a success, we have reached 35,000 children with the aim of minimizing the inequality of opportunity experienced by children who have difficulty in accessing books, stationery and toys. Now, we are working to expand this project across the country and share the smiles of 1 million children.

Because A Smile is Enough, one smile is worth everything.

Click here to watch our April 23, 2023 A Smile is Enough video.

Click here to watch our back to school video.

On October 11th, International Day of the Girl Child, Self-Confidence Workshops and Coding Trainings

Confident children heal the whole world...

On "International Day of the Girl Child", Hepsiburada, in cooperation with the Hope for Tomorrow Association, organized a "Self-Confidence Workshop" with the belief that self-confident girls who benefit equally from educational opportunities, take an active role in social life and transform societies. We also completed the 2-month-long "Artificial Intelligence and Coding Trainings" that we launched simultaneously for the right of all children to education and development.

In the first part of the training series that we launched on October 11, International Day of the Girl Child within the scope of the social responsibility project "A Smile is Enough", we reached 500 children with workshops in 4 cities, Aydın, Manisa, Samsun and Şanlıurfa, and provided trainings on coding, artificial intelligence and self-confidence in cooperation with the Hope for Tomorrow Association.

In the workshops where the differences of artificial intelligence from natural intelligence, the usage areas of artificial intelligence in daily life and related professions were explained, the basic issues of programming were also touched upon. In addition, philosophy work was practiced with the students, which can contribute to their creative thinking and critical thinking skills and trigger their self-confidence by creating a space where they can express themselves.

In addition to the trainings provided within the scope of the "A Smile is Enough" project, we established a Computer and Coding Classroom at Aydın Ovaeymiri Primary School.

Click here to watch the project video.

Girls Met at Science Workshops

As Hepsiburada, we support women and girls to have a strong presence in all areas of life. In this context, in collaboration with Bilim Virüsü, a social enterprise and education platform, we brought together high school and university women and girls interested in technology and science with two days of workshops.

Every Child is Born an Inventor

On January 17, Inventor Children's Day, we met with primary school students in Batman at the "Virtual Science Workshop" event in cooperation with the Association of Science Heroes

We have created a series of workshops with different contents, bringing together little inventors who are curious, researching, questioning, looking for solutions to the problems of the 21st century and interested in science, and showing that science activities can be done with simple materials.

Turn on the Red Light for Autism

On April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, we shined a red light on autism! On April 1-3, 2022, we transformed every purchase made from the Hepsiburada children's clothing category into goodness. In cooperation with Tohum Autism Foundation, we supported the education of children with autism and their families.

Based on the positive impact of education on children with autism, we made our customers a part of this act of kindness by saying, "Every purchase turns into educational support, touching the lives of children with autism and their families." With the educational support provided to thousands of children with autism and their families, we contributed to bringing children with autism into society as independent individuals.