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At Hepsiburada, we support thousands of women entrepreneurs with our technology. We have participated in thousands of success stories with brave, productive women who want to contribute to the economy.

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+53,000* women entrepreneurs

Women continue to break the glass ceiling in the e-commerce industry

+260* women cooperatives

Women's employment is increasing


unique designs

+56* million products

Women entrepreneurs access the market through Hepsiburada

An opportunity to export products abroad

with HepsiGlobal


hand-crafted products

*As of July 02, 2024

  • Wholefoods - Atiye Laçin
  • Tarımda Kadın Kooperatifi (Women's Agricultural Cooperative) - Dr. Ayşe Günbey Şerifoğlu
  • 1200 Derece Glasshouse - Merve Araslı
  • Büyük Dedemin Balları (Great Grandpa's Honey) - Gökten Doğan
  • Harmoni Women's Cooperative - İlknur Aydın

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Thanks to our national and international award-winning Power of Technology for Women Entrepreneurs Program,

thousands of women continue to achieve inspiring success.

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"I attach great importance to women's participation in all spheres of life. Because the more women take part in life, and in particular the more they engage in economic activities, the better and more diverse life, the economy, and society become. This is why I would like nothing more than to see the number of women entrepreneurs increase. We need a transformation in this sense as Turkey moves towards becoming a more entrepreneurial, more competitive, and stronger country."

Hanzade Doğan – Chair of the Board at Hepsiburada

I believe that at Hepsiburada we have played a significant role in the digital transformation of our country over the last 20 years. We leverage the power of Hepsiburada's technology and experience to facilitate the digital transformation of large brands, small and medium-sized businesses, and new ventures that want to reach out to customers online. Through the Power of Technology for Women Entrepreneurs Program we launched around 4 years ago, we started to offer the advantages of our technology to women entrepreneurs along with some extra incentives. Now, women who want to grow their e-commerce businesses and who have just joined the world of e-commerce can harness the technological and marketing power of Hepsiburada. Consequently, this helps women entrepreneurs to grow more quickly, which, in turn, positively impacts the Turkish economy.

In a period of new technologies and great changes in retail, as Hepsiburada, the leading e-commerce platform in the region, we continue our rapid progress with new R&D investments, and lead the sector with our innovative applications and services. I would like to highlight that in line with our responsible brand approach, we will continue to support women entrepreneurs, each of whom works boldly and with determination to achieve their goals, and that we are ready to welcome them to our platform, where we can offer them advantageous working conditions. I wish continued success to all the women entrepreneurs who have participated in our program and inspired many other women to become entrepreneurs.