Weekly Status Update on the Relief Efforts of Hepsiburada

We are deeply saddened by the earthquake disaster that had its epicenter in Kahramanmaraş and affected the surrounding provinces. We extend our condolences to those who lost loved ones and wish all those injured a quick recovery.

At Türkiye's Hepsiburada from on the first day of the earthquake, we launched a wide-ranging effort with all our stakeholders and employees, in collaboration with public institutions and non-governmental organizations, to heal the wounds of the earthquake disaster and to quickly deliver relief supplies to those in need.

In addition to delivering urgently needed goods to the earthquake region as quickly as possible, we distributed the products purchased by our customers to the area under the coordination of AFAD within the scope of the Earthquake Assistance Mobilization initiated by the Ministry of Trade. We also offered digital support cards on our platform in cooperation with agencies such as AFAD, Kızılay, Ahbap, AKUT, Haytap, HAÇİKO, Kurtaran Ev, UNICEF, and TOG, allowing our customers to make donations. We prepared and launched an international disaster relief webpage to ensure that people from various countries around the world could help the earthquake area with products and donations.

We dedicated 1,500 volunteer workers solely to "earthquake mobilization" activities to reach out to all those who were affected by the earthquake. We also organized a campaign in the name of Hepsiburada and started a relief movement. The total amount of aid provided by Hepsiburada and group company employees reached TL 1.5 million.

With our logistical power and operational capabilities, we quickly delivered relief supplies to the provinces hit by the earthquake. We allocated a large number of small vehicles to the area and distributed relief supplies directly to earthquake victims under the coordination of AFAD, in addition to the transportation of more than 100 truckloads of products.

We turned our HepsiJet Adana warehouse into a distribution and coordination center. We also took over the management of three AFAD warehouses in Adana and Hatay in coordination with public institutions for the distribution of relief supplies. We built a system to monitor the inventory, shipment, and coordination of relief supplies using the experience and expertise of our teams. We made this system available to other organizations and users as well. We continue to work in the field with our teams and vehicles through our logistics camp in the region.

To help local producers in the area, we began offering their products on our platform without commission, transaction, or service fees, and without any commercial revenue from product sales for Hepsiburada. We have extended our "Every Order Serves as a Support" campaign, which we began with local producers, to include our regional business partners, including producers, merchants, and tradesmen. We also offered free advertising and promotional support to our business partners to help our merchants in the region reach more customers.

From the start we took steps to avoid possible price increases for products sold through the Hepsiburada platform and have kept our merchants informed of our efforts. We made a total of TL 150 million in advance payments to assist our merchants in 11 provinces.

We organized our efforts and plans for the re-establishment of prosperity in the earthquake region under the "Trade and Technology Power for the Earthquake Region" program to mark Hepsiburada’s long-term commitment to the area. We aim to increase e-commerce sales from the region to TL 10 billion in two years through the program, which includes supporting ten thousand businesses with e-commerce, logistics, and technology opportunities, increasing direct and indirect employment, developing female entrepreneurs and cooperatives, and providing education and social support for children. We are also establishing three new "E-commerce Specialization Centers" in the region as part of the program, which we will execute with a total support package of TL 125 million.

We continue to be in the region 24/7 with our logistics capabilities, staff and volunteer teams, in coordination with public institutions and non-governmental organizations, to ensure swift dispatch of relief materials.

We will overcome these difficult days with cooperation and solidarity.

You can reach the Ministry of Commerce Earthquake Solidarity Campaign via the link

You can reach the Digital Support Cards via the link