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Economic Development


The availability of local products in digital environments to a wide network of consumers helps to increase income and employment at the community level, stimulate business activity and build more sustainable local economies. In addition, by substituting imported products, it also brings environmental impacts such as reducing the negative environmental impacts associated with the transportation of products over long distances and increasing the resilience of ecosystems, and positive social impacts such as increasing the country's self-sufficiency, preserving traditional cultures and strengthening society. Accordingly, as Turkey's Hepsiburada, we believe that one of the most important building blocks of our approach to grow and develop with our stakeholders, which is part of our corporate culture, is to support local development through e-commerce. In this direction, we continue to implement new projects that will accelerate the development of both businesses and the national economy. In 2021, we launched the HepsiTürkiye'den program in cooperation with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey. With the HepsiTürkiye'den program, we continue to offer our support to SMEs, women entrepreneurs and cooperatives that produce locally and regionally, to increase their participation in economic activities by moving their products to e-commerce and to strengthen them through e-commerce.

Within the scope of HepsiTürkiye'den program, we offer products with registered geographical indication for sale on our platform, making them stand out in terms of quality, tradition and quality; we offer strong marketing and branding support to producers, including commission, promotion, training, shipping, call center. By providing e-commerce opportunities to our producers of local products who have not previously engaged in e-commerce through our platform, we provide strong marketing and branding support throughout Turkey.

By supporting the increase in the awareness of professions and arts that have traditional, cultural or artistic value and are about to disappear, we both pave the way for the transfer of our national treasures, traditional, cultural and artistic values to the future and contribute to the national economy by revitalizing the local economy. In 2022, we collaborated with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office to develop "Geographically Marked" products through the e-commerce sector under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey within the scope of the From HepsiTürkiye program. Thus, we aim to support "geographically marked" products, which means the legal protection of products produced with traditional, local raw materials and local qualities, through the e-commerce platform and to bring them together with countless consumers both in Turkey and in the world. At the same time, we aim to raise awareness about geographically marked products and to promote national wealth by providing informative trainings on the rights and obligations of both producers and consumers.

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We launched SanatBurada platform with the aim of supporting art and artists with our technology and enabling artists to share their works with a wider audience. As part of the new opening selection of SanatBurada platform, where we bring art lovers together with contemporary art, we offered 157 works by 27 young artists for sale. With SanatBurada, our customers can follow Turkey's contemporary artists and their works on SanatBurada and purchase the works of their choice.

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Our work comes from the heart and turns into a huge goodness with the support of our brands. All associations and foundations that sell on Hepsiburada were brought together with the aim of raising awareness among Hepsiburada customers with the slogan "Your every shopping turns into goodness with HepsiYürekten!". We work together with 54 non-governmental organizations on the HepsiYürekten platform, which started in April 2021. By including the non-governmental organizations involved in our projects in HepsiYürekten, we support them in all processes with discounted commission rates, free shipping, digital advertising support, and contribute to their development and strengthening.

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Goodness Movement in Ramadan

As Turkey's Hepsiburada, we continue to deliver our Ramadan Solidarity Packages to families in need every year in the hope that they will bring blessings to the tables of thousands of people.

Within the scope of our cooperation with the Ahbap Association, which was established in 2022 to strengthen the awareness of solidarity in society, we delivered 5000 solidarity packages to families in need all over Turkey through Hepsijet.

By including our customers in this act of kindness, we offered the 'Ramadan Solidarity Packages' for sale on our platform, allowing Hepsiburada customers to support those in need across Turkey during Ramadan in a practical and secure way through the platform.

Again this year, we continued to continue this act of kindness by delivering food parcels specially prepared for Ramadan to families in need in the earthquake region in cooperation with the Red Crescent and İhtiyaç Haritası.